Kantar BrandZ Report: AMD Surpasses Intel in Brand Value, NVIDIA Tops Growth Chart

July 09, 2024 – In a major shakeup of the tech industry, AMD has emerged victorious over Intel in the prestigious Kantar BrandZ’s “Most Valuable Global Brands 2024” ranking, while NVIDIA takes the spotlight for its remarkable brand value growth. This development underscores the profound impact of the AI revolution on the technology landscape.

AMD’s ascendancy can be attributed to its stellar performance in the professional domain, particularly in the realm of AI accelerators. The Instinct series, AMD’s flagship AI offering, has garnered significant market share over Intel’s Gaudi line, thanks to AMD’s adept utilization of market trends and subsequent trust earned from customers. Furthermore, consumer-facing AI products like the Strix Point APU have also contributed significantly to AMD’s success, solidifying its position in the market.

The Kantar BrandZ ranking, which incorporates factors such as consumer sentiment and financial data, provides a comprehensive assessment of global brands. In the ‘Business Technology & Services Platforms’ category, AMD’s leapfrogging is particularly noteworthy, with a brand value of $51.86 million, emphasizing that this is not merely a financial metric but a reflection of consumer perception.

Compared to 2023, AMD’s brand value has soared by an impressive 53%, outpacing Intel’s modest 23% growth. This surge has propelled AMD to the 41st spot on the list, while Intel trails behind at 48th. Notably, AMD’s impressive performance has also earned it a spot on the ‘Top 10 Brand Risers’ list, alongside NVIDIA (with a whopping 178% increase), Instagram, and Facebook, all showcasing double-digit growth rates.

Despite the top five positions being occupied by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and McDonald’s, NVIDIA’s meteoric rise to sixth place underscores its dominance in the tech sector. Its 178% growth underscores the potential for NVIDIA to further climb the ranks, potentially challenging the top five in the near future.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that while this report does not directly reflect market share, it serves as a powerful indicator of the intensifying competition between AMD and Intel. Currently, AMD holds the upper hand, but the release of Intel’s next-generation Lunar Lake platform could potentially alter the landscape. Nevertheless, AMD has undoubtedly won the battle for brand value this year.

As the AI era gathers pace, the dynamics of the tech industry continue to evolve rapidly, with AMD and NVIDIA emerging as key players shaping the future of computing.

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