Intel’s Latest Graphics Driver Unveiled: Version 101.4824 WHQL

September 14, 2023 – Intel Rolls Out New 101.4824 WHQL Graphics Driver ,Intel has just unveiled its latest graphics driver, version 101.4824 WHQL, today. This update brings exciting optimizations for gaming enthusiasts, particularly for titles like “Revved-Up Racers: Roarfest” and “Real Brawls 1.”

In addition to these game-centric improvements, the new driver release addresses a range of issues that users on Intel Iris Xe graphics cards and Intel Core processors may have encountered. For Intel Iris Xe graphics card users, the previous driver version may have caused screen flickering in “Fortress of Night” (DX12) during gameplay, and the card’s fan might have experienced frequent and erratic speed fluctuations. On the other hand, Intel Core processor owners may have noticed screen flickering during dialogues in “Royal Knights Reborn” (DX11).

This update demonstrates Intel’s commitment to enhancing both gaming experiences and system stability for its users. Whether you’re a gamer or a general user, staying up to date with the latest drivers can significantly improve your overall computing experience. Before proceeding with the update, remember to back up your essential data and settings to ensure a seamless transition to this new driver version. Here’s to an enhanced and more enjoyable computing experience for all Intel users!

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