Ingka Group Expands Online Retail Footprint with Made4net Acquisition

June 1, 2023 – Ingka Group, the parent company of Swedish home furnishings retail giant IKEA, has announced its recent acquisition of Made4net, a US-based supply chain software services provider. This strategic move aims to bolster IKEA’s online e-commerce operations and enhance the overall shopping experience for its customers.

Ingka Group, in a statement, revealed its full acquisition of Made4net, headquartered in New Jersey, with the financial details undisclosed. Wim Blaauw, the Chief Digital Officer of Ingka Group, emphasized the need for cutting-edge technology investments to meet the escalating demand for online orders received by IKEA. As the proportion of IKEA’s online sales has continued to rise in recent years, with 25% of Ingka’s total sales coming from online channels last year compared to just 7% in 2020, the acquisition of Made4net will empower IKEA’s workforce to swiftly and accurately locate and dispatch products, replacing their current reliance on warehouse records for inventory search.

This marks Ingka Group’s third acquisition in the internet sector within the past six years. In 2017, Ingka acquired TaskRabbit, a talent recruitment platform, followed by the acquisition of Geomagical Labs, a 3D visualization developer, in 2020. These acquisitions reflect Ingka Group’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and leveraging them to drive innovation and growth in the evolving retail landscape.

The integration of Made4net’s supply chain software services into IKEA’s operations is poised to streamline the fulfillment process, optimize inventory management, and enhance the efficiency of order fulfillment for online customers. By harnessing advanced technologies and digital solutions, Ingka Group endeavors to meet the evolving needs of its digitally savvy consumers and solidify its position as a leader in the global home furnishings market.

As Ingka Group expands its digital footprint through strategic acquisitions, it is clear that the company recognizes the importance of harnessing technology to transform the retail experience. By investing in cutting-edge solutions and partnering with software service providers like Made4net, Ingka Group aims to not only meet the demands of its online customers but also provide seamless and personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints. With the acquisition of Made4net, Ingka Group is well-positioned to strengthen its competitive advantage in the online retail space and reinforce its commitment to delivering quality products and exceptional service to customers worldwide.

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