Huawei Unveils Xinghe AI Network Solutions for North Africa

May 30, 2024 – On May 29, 2024, Huawei successfully held the third stop of its Data Communication Innovation Summit 2024 in Marrakech, where it unveiled the Xinghe AI Network products and solutions tailored for North Africa.

The Xinghe AI Network offering encompasses a comprehensive range of products including full-scenario Wi-Fi 7, a 640*400GE frame data center switch, a GE to 400GE full-rate flexible card switch, a 220mm deep 400GE router, a multi-in-one intelligent fusion gateway, and the network big model application Net Master. These solutions cover various scenarios including campus, wide area, data center, and network security.

For campus networks, the Xinghe AI solution leverages full-scenario Wi-Fi 7 products, combined with smart antenna and scheduling technologies, to achieve a 100% signal enhancement and a 50% increase in user concurrency. Additionally, Huawei introduced the first audio and video guarantee solution, ensuring smooth and clear audio and video services through intelligent recognition of audio and video applications and mechanisms. In terms of wireless network security, Huawei’s Wi-Fi Shield technology guarantees that illegal users cannot eavesdrop on valid air interface messages, thus ensuring wireless network security.

This network solution has already been widely applied in the Egyptian Ministry of Health, resulting in a 30% improvement in healthcare efficiency and a 50% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

In the data center network space, the Xinghe AI solution features an AI accelerator based on the NSLB algorithm for intelligent tuning across the entire network. This achieves load balancing across the entire data center network with a link utilization rate exceeding 98%. Fast switching at the link layer, device layer (milliseconds), and network layer (seconds) is also facilitated.

For instance, COOP Bank, the second largest bank in Ethiopia with a 15% monthly active user growth rate, deployed the Xinghe AI data center network. This resulted in a twofold increase in service launch rates and enabled visualization of business failures within seconds.

For wide area networks, the Xinghe AI solution utilizes an adaptive multi-path selection algorithm to achieve intelligent scheduling of millions of business flows across the entire network. Business bandwidth can be flexibly adjusted from 2Mbps to 100Gbps, supporting delay-based path selection and one-click deployment of end-to-end network slicing. The solution also enables self-learning of application traffic behavior and second-level perception and reporting of application traffic anomalies through intelligent baseline monitoring.

The Ministry of Communications in Guinea, with the help of the Xinghe AI wide area network solution, has successfully built a national backbone network. This has led to a 30% increase in link utilization and a network reliability improvement to 99.999%.

Lastly, in terms of network security, the Xinghe AI network security solution provides enterprises with intelligent cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated protection. The cloud security brain automatically correlates security events and matches disposal strategies through built-in reasoning rules and security detection models, achieving a 99% automatic closed-loop disposal of security incidents. The four security engines utilize AI algorithms to dynamically analyze traffic models in real time, with a threat detection rate of 99.95%. The two-dimensional threat graph engine enables parallel threat detection with a 100% ransomware detection rate.

Recently, Huawei Cloud also celebrated a new achievement in North Africa. According to previous reports, the 2024 Egypt Huawei Cloud Summit was held in Cairo on May 21, where the first public cloud in North Africa – the Huawei Cloud Egypt node – was officially launched.

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