Google’s Pixel Watch Faces Repair Dilemma Amidst California’s Right to Repair Act

September 15, 2023 – In a surprising turn of events, Google has recently confirmed to The Verge that it currently does not offer repair services for damaged screens on its Pixel Watch in the wake of California’s Right to Repair Act coming into effect.

A spokesperson from Google stated, “At present, we do not have any repair options available for the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch encounters damage, you can reach out to Google Pixel Watch customer support to explore replacement options.”

Interestingly, Google’s official store does not provide extended warranty options for the Pixel Watch. Consequently, in the event of an accidental screen breakage, official screen repair services will not be provided.

It’s worth noting that iFixit, when dissecting the Pixel Watch, has expressed that while screen replacement may pose a challenge, it is technically feasible to repair it. They have even provided tutorials on how to replace a cracked or damaged screen.

This decision by Google to not offer repair services for Pixel Watch screens has stirred some controversy, as it potentially limits user choices and may conflict with the principles of the Right to Repair Act. However, the impact of this act on company repair policies can vary depending on state laws and corporate policies. Users are advised to thoroughly review product warranty policies and understand repair options before making a purchase. If repairability is a crucial factor, alternative smartwatch brands or potential updates to Google’s repair policy in response to legal requirements may be worth considering.

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