Edge Canary Release Revolutionizes Browser Closure with New Tab-Keeping Functionality

December 12, 2023 – Microsoft is enhancing the Edge browser experience with a new feature in its latest Canary release. This feature, revealed by the source @Leopeva64, alters the behavior of the browser upon closing all tabs. Unlike the current functionality where closing all tabs leads to the shutdown of the entire browser, the updated version keeps Edge running and opens a new tab instead.

This innovative approach is not entirely new in the realm of browsers; Opera, another Chromium-based browser, has already implemented a similar option. Firefox, too, offers this functionality albeit through a slightly more complex process. Users need to navigate to the ‘about:config’ page and modify the ‘browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab’ setting to ‘false’.

Edge’s implementation stands out due to its simplicity and user-friendliness. The feature will be available as a toggle in the browser’s settings, allowing users to easily enable or disable it. This contrasts with Firefox’s method, which requires a more involved configuration process. By integrating this feature directly into the settings menu, Microsoft Edge aims to enhance user convenience and provide a more intuitive browsing experience.

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