Apple’s Vision Pro Gears Up for Major Production Boost Thanks to Chinese Supply Chain

December 12, 2023 –

In a groundbreaking development in the tech industry, a domestic Chinese company has successfully breached the production bottleneck of OLEDoS displays, positioning itself as a primary supplier with a readiness to produce one million units annually. This advancement marks a significant shift in the supply chain dynamics, particularly for high-end electronic devices.

A notable beneficiary of this shift is Apple’s Vision Pro, which is set to ramp up production in December. The Chinese supply chain’s contribution to this product has surged to 60%, with leading domestic suppliers like Wingtech and Luxshare Precision playing a pivotal role. The integration of domestic OLEDoS display suppliers as primary providers is expected to further amplify this percentage.

The Vision Pro, equipped with a cutting-edge micro-OLED screen boasting 23 million pixels and a per-eye resolution exceeding 4K, initially relied on Sony for its display needs. However, the limited annual production capacity from Sony presented a challenge. With the new developments in the Chinese supply chain, Apple seems poised to overcome these limitations.

In preparation for the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple is reportedly training its retail staff on the nuances of selling this upcoming mixed-reality headset. Bloomberg has recently reported that this training, scheduled for mid-January, anticipates the product’s market debut within the same month. The training is crucial as the Vision Pro setup is reportedly complex, necessitating customization for each user.

Furthermore, despite the option for online pre-orders, sources suggest that Apple may encourage in-store pickups. This strategy not only aids customers in the intricate setup process but also mitigates common issues new VR users face. Given the Vision Pro’s premium price tag of $3,500 (approximately 25,130 RMB), Apple’s approach in ensuring a smooth user experience appears to be a strategic move to justify its professional-grade pricing.

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