Ferrari Unveils Novel Anti-Counterfeit Reward Program to Protect Brand Integrity

December 12, 2023 –

In a recent innovative approach to protecting its intellectual property, the renowned Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari has launched a unique initiative titled “Ferrari Anti-Counterfeit Reward Program”. This program aims to involve the public in safeguarding the brand by encouraging them to report any infringement of Ferrari’s trademarks. In return, participants stand a chance to receive an exclusive “Ferrari Gift”, the nature and value of which remain a closely guarded secret by the company.

The program was brought to light through a Ferrari enthusiast forum,, where a user shared receiving an email from the office of Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer. The email outlined the details of this initiative, sparking interest and discussions among the Ferrari community.

Ferrari has kept the details of the mystery gift under wraps, stating only that “participants will have the chance to receive a Ferrari gift, with its nature and value determined at Ferrari’s discretion. The gifts are limited and will be available until stocks last.”

To participate, individuals are invited to submit a report on Ferrari’s website under the “Reward Anticounterfeiting” section. The report must include essential details such as the company name involved in the infringement, a description of the counterfeit activity, photographs of the product, and the location of sale. Ferrari has committed to investigating these reports, and if the infringement is verified, the reporter may be rewarded with a gift.

The program has sparked a mix of reactions online. While some praise it as an effective strategy to protect Ferrari’s intellectual property rights, others question the transparency of the incentives and express concerns about potential misuse leading to unnecessary reports. Regardless of the differing opinions, this initiative marks Ferrari’s latest step in its continuous effort to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of its brand.

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