Apple’s Vision Pro: Unveiling the Second Generation and Global Expansion Plans

November 28, 2023 – Apple’s Vision Pro is anticipated to make its debut in the United States in early 2024, with subsequent plans for market expansion in the United Kingdom and Canada. According to reports from DigitTimes, Apple’s supply chain is already gearing up for the production of the second-generation Apple Vision Pro.

The upcoming Vision Pro is said to feature four models, with two already confirmed: one catering to the high-end market, mirroring the first generation, and another positioned as an affordable version.

Insiders suggest that the bill of materials (BOM) for this budget-friendly version will be only 50% of the first-generation product. Sampling for the second-generation Vision Pro is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2024, with the earliest possible release slated for the latter half of 2025. In addition to these developments, Apple is concurrently working on the development of AR glasses.

According to reports from Interface News, Apple is set to commence official production of the first-generation MR (Mixed Reality) product, Vision Pro, in December of this year. The initial batch is estimated to be around 400,000 units, with a sales target of one million units in 2024, escalating to ten million units in the third year.

Investigative journalism reveals a significant shift in the proportion of components sourced from mainland China for Apple Vision Pro, standing at approximately 60%. This marks a departure from the lower proportion seen in the previous iPhone 15 series.

“Apple Vision Pro’s hardware costs are estimated to be around $1700 (approximately ¥12172 RMB). Currently, the mainland Chinese supply chain is dominated by Leading Wisdom Manufacturing, contributing components valued at around $250-300 per unit, including exclusive supplies of heat dissipation modules, headbands, eye masks, and nose supports. Following closely is Luxshare Precision, exclusively handling assembly with components valued at around $150-200 per unit,” revealed a key insider in the industry. Both Leading Wisdom Manufacturing and Luxshare Precision declined to comment when approached for verification.

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