Tesla’s Latest Arrival: Refreshed Model 3 Hits Malaysian Delivery Centers

November 27, 2023 – According to reports from the foreign media outlet Teslarati, the refreshed version of the Tesla Model 3 has arrived at the delivery center in Malaysia. Photos shared by user Bryan Lee showcase the vehicles being loaded onto trucks for delivery.

Numerous owners of the refreshed Tesla Model 3 have indicated that their delivery is scheduled for next week, expected on December 8.

Tesla received approval in February to begin importing vehicles to Malaysia and officially commenced sales in July. While the car has not yet been launched in North America, there have been several sightings in the United States, and it is anticipated to be introduced on the African continent in the coming months.

In the domestic market, the Tesla Model 3 refreshed version currently comes in two models, priced at 261,400 yuan and 297,400 yuan respectively, with CLTC ranges of up to 606 km and 713 km.

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