Apple’s Siri Evolution: Unveiling the Ultimate Virtual Assistant

November 09, 2023 – Tech_Reve, an informant in the tech realm, has stirred up discussions on social media by claiming that Apple is in the process of a radical transformation of Siri using a large language model. The goal is to reshape Siri into the “ultimate virtual assistant” and develop it into the “most powerful artificial intelligence application.”

苹果正利用大语言模型改造Siri:本地运行更快 无需联网

According to Tech_Reve, Apple is actively engaged in this comprehensive development effort, with the first product slated to make its debut at WWDC 2024. The plan is for this upgraded Siri to become a standard feature on the iPhone 16 and subsequent models.

With the rise of ChatGPT, many tech giants are venturing into developing their own AI large models. Interestingly, Apple, citing security concerns, has prohibited its employees from using ChatGPT. However, there have been complaints from Apple staff about Siri’s low efficiency. The decline of Siri, it seems, can be attributed to internal team disarray, sluggish decision-making processes, and cumbersome code, resulting in significant impediments to Siri and AI development.

Now, Apple is gearing up to amplify its AI efforts, a move eagerly anticipated by many. The upgraded Siri is rumored to have faster response times when running locally, eliminating the need for a network connection, and boasting enhanced privacy features.

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