Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Claims Top Spot in DXOMARK Screen Rankings with Impressive 155 Score

February 01, 2024 – The renowned evaluation agency DXOMARK has recently unveiled the screen score for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

According to the report, the Galaxy S24 Ultra achieved an impressive overall screen test score of 155, topping the global screen rankings on DXOMARK. This places it ahead of various other leading flagships such as the Google Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

DXOMARK praised the Galaxy S24 Ultra for its exceptional brightness performance, noting its high peak brightness and excellent outdoor readability. The advanced anti-reflective glass technology employed effectively mitigates screen reflection issues, ensuring clear visibility in most lighting conditions.

Moreover, the Galaxy S24 Ultra excels in handling frame misalignment when watching videos or playing video games, guaranteeing a smooth user experience. However, DXOMARK also pointed out some minor flaws in the screen’s brightness performance under certain conditions.

Specifically, while the screen performs well outdoors, its brightness can be somewhat inconsistent in other settings. For instance, at night, the brightness might be too high, making video viewing uncomfortable, while in indoor environments, it might be too low, affecting the user’s viewing experience.

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy S24 Ultra features Samsung’s latest OLED screen technology, boasting a brightness of 2600 nits, a resolution of 3210×1440, and support for a 1-120Hz LTPO refresh rate. This cutting-edge display technology contributes significantly to the phone’s top-notch performance and user experience.

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