Apple GPT in Action: Mark Gurman Confirms Internal Usage

July 25, 2023 – In recent news, renowned tech reporter Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has shed light on Apple’s alleged development of a cutting-edge AI project called “Apple GPT.” According to Gurman’s latest edition of the Power On newsletter, it seems that Apple has been discreetly utilizing Apple GPT internally, albeit in a limited capacity. As of now, the tech giant has not made any definitive decisions regarding the project’s future direction, nor has it set specific development objectives, let alone announced a timeline for its potential release to the general public.

Reportedly, Apple GPT has undergone extensive training with large datasets, and its primary role is to assist Apple employees in developing prototypes for future functionalities, summarizing text, and providing answers to inquiries. While Apple has yet to finalize a consumer-oriented AI product, the company is actively exploring various domains to identify suitable commercial entry points.

Siri, the popular virtual assistant, appears to be a promising avenue for implementing Apple GPT, though, for the time being, it remains restricted from user access. Beyond Siri, Gurman suggests that Apple intends to integrate the novel chatbot technology into their AppleCare customer support, indicating their commitment to exploring numerous possibilities.

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