Apple CEO Tim Cook Closes Asian Tour with Major Investment in Singapore

April 19, 2024 – Apple CEO Tim Cook is wrapping up his week-long Asian tour, which included visits to Vietnam and Indonesia, with a two-day stop in Singapore. During his visit, Cook announced plans to invest $250 million (approximately 1.81 billion yuan) to expand Apple’s existing campus in the city-state.

In a statement, Cook expressed his admiration for Singapore, describing it as a unique place that fosters creativity, learning, and dreaming. He emphasized Apple’s pride in building a community there, strengthening communication and connections.

With the expansion of their campus, Apple is writing a new chapter in its history in Singapore. The local team has played a significant role in enriching customers’ lives, and Cook eagerly anticipates decades of innovative development ahead.

This investment not only underscores Apple’s commitment to Singapore but also reflects the company’s broader strategy to deepen its presence in key markets around the globe. The expanded campus is expected to bring even more opportunities for collaboration, learning, and innovation within the Apple community.

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