MagSafe Charging Support Rumored for Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro

December 19, 2023 – Apple is rumored to introduce MagSafe charging support in its upcoming iPad Pro slated for release next year, as reported by foreign tech media outlet MacRumors.

According to the report, this information originates from a supply chain company responsible for manufacturing magnets for Apple, although it has yet to be officially confirmed.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg had previously hinted in 2021 that Apple was considering equipping the 2022 iPad Pro lineup with a glass back for wireless charging capabilities. He specifically emphasized that they were testing the MagSafe system for iPad Pro.

However, disappointingly, the iPad Pro released by Apple in 2022 did not feature wireless charging, a glass back, or any significant design changes.

Prior reports have suggested that Apple might release 11.1-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models with OLED screens next year, featuring a completely new design that is expected to incorporate MagSafe charging support.

Industry experts believe that covering the entire back of the iPad Pro with glass material is unlikely. Such a design change could increase the device’s weight and potentially reduce its durability. Therefore, industry speculation leans toward the possibility of a circular opening in the middle of the back, allowing for MagSafe wireless charging while maintaining a glass construction.

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