Tesla’s Berlin Factory Expansion Approved Amidst Ongoing Protests

May 17, 2024 – Despite protests from community members, Tesla has secured approval from the local council for the expansion of its Superfactory in Berlin, Germany. The company had previously submitted plans to double the plant’s production capacity, aiming to produce 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) of batteries and one million cars annually, with the intention of dominating the European electric vehicle market.

Located within a drinking water protection zone, the proposed expansion has sparked concerns among environmentalists and local residents who fear water source contamination. Demonstrations have been held, with protesters holding signs that read “Turn off Tesla’s tap” in an effort to persuade the government to reject the expansion plans.

Clashes have occurred between protesters opposing the expansion and police, with over 1,000 environmental activists participating in a protest march that resulted in altercations and arrests.

In a previous incident in March, an extremist environmental group calling itself the “Volcano Group” claimed responsibility for an arson attack on a high-voltage power tower near Tesla’s German factory. The attack damaged some factory facilities, resulting in a halt in production and causing a power outage for over 60,000 residents in the surrounding area.

Following a public vote in February, where Glenheide citizens opposed the expansion, Tesla was forced to revise its plans. The company now intends to cut down 47 hectares of forest, which is half of its original plan.

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