Tesla Hits Milestone: 3 Millionth Car Rolls Off Production Line at Fremont and Nevada Gigafactories

May 19, 2024 – Tesla, the electric vehicle giant, announced a significant milestone yesterday afternoon via its X platform account. The company revealed that it had manufactured its three millionth car, marking a remarkable achievement in the automotive industry. Accompanying the announcement were a pair of photographs showcasing the landmark vehicle, a sleek deep blue Model S.

According to the details shared by Tesla, the production of this milestone car was a collaborative effort between two of its superfactories. The Fremont Superfactory, one of the largest manufacturing bases in California, played a crucial role in creating the drive motors and powertrains for the vehicle. Meanwhile, the Nevada Gigafactory, renowned as one of the world’s highest-volume factories for electric vehicles, energy storage products, and vehicle powertrains and batteries, contributed significantly to the production of battery packs and body components. It’s worth noting that these two factories had previously partnered to achieve another significant milestone for Tesla – the production of its two millionth car in July 2022.

Tesla is currently in the process of expanding its Nevada Gigafactory to accommodate the increasing demand for its 4680 batteries and the production of the electric Semi truck. The expansion, which broke ground in January of this year, is expected to add 6,500 full-time jobs and significantly boost the factory’s battery and vehicle production capabilities. Once completed, the factory aims to produce enough 4680 batteries and up to two million vehicle units annually.

Earlier this year, Tesla also began production of its new Model 3 “Highland” variant at the Fremont Superfactory. This refreshed version of the popular Model 3 is currently priced at $54,990 in the US market, indicating a strong demand for the company’s innovative electric vehicles.

In summary, Tesla’s latest milestone is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the electric vehicle industry. With its expanding manufacturing capabilities and continued focus on sustainability, Tesla is poised to remain at the forefront of the EV revolution for years to come.

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