Samsung Galaxy Ring Debuts with Nine Sizes, Marks New ‘SM-Q’ Era

May 19, 2024 – Recent rumors have been confirmed regarding the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Ring smart ring, which will be available in nine different sizes.

According to the Bluetooth SIG certification list, the Galaxy Ring will come in models ranging from SM-Q500 to SM-Q509, curiously skipping the SM-Q504 designation. This diverse range of sizes ensures a comfortable fit for a wide variety of finger sizes. The certification also reveals that the Galaxy Ring will utilize Bluetooth 5.4 for wireless connectivity, ensuring a stable and efficient connection with other devices.

Interestingly, the Galaxy Ring marks the debut of a new “SM-Q” series for Samsung devices. Previously, Samsung’s wearable devices were prefixed with “SM-R,” such as the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds identified as “SM-R510” and the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 labeled as “SM-R930.”

Reports suggest that the Galaxy Ring is expected to make its debut alongside Samsung’s new sixth-generation foldable phone in July. This innovative ring boasts a battery life of 5-9 days on a single charge, equipped with various sensors capable of tracking the user’s blood oxygen saturation and sleep patterns. Additionally, the Galaxy Ring can monitor heart rate, step count, and exercise status, providing a comprehensive overview of the wearer’s health and fitness.

Hon Pak, Vice President and head of Samsung’s digital health team, expressed his ambition to transform the Galaxy Ring into such an irresistible smart device that even iPhone users would consider switching to a Galaxy phone. In an interview, he stated, “We hope our ring achieves a level where users are willing to change their phones for it.” This bold statement hints at the confidence Samsung has in its latest wearable technology and its potential to disrupt the market.

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