Faraday Future Celebrates Milestone: Delivery of 10 FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance Units in 2023

January 03, 2024 – In an official announcement on January 2, local time, Faraday Future confirmed the successful delivery of 10 units of the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance in 2023. The latest delivery was made to Jim Gao, an executive overseeing FF’s intelligent internet application services platform.

Reportedly, Jim Gao brings 15 years of experience in product development and research to the tech and internet industry. At FF, he is responsible for the research and development of the “Third AI Space” and the internet products of the intelligent user platform.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Jim Gao stated, “I reserved the FF 91 back in June 2018, even before joining FF. I had great confidence in the product, believing steadfastly in FF’s technology and product features. I have always supported the collaborative approach of user development, as it enhances product quality and user experience.”

It’s noteworthy that on December 28 last year, Faraday Future (FF) received a notice from NASDAQ regarding delisting due to non-compliance with continuing listing standards. Seven years ago, in 2014, Jia Yueting embarked on his automotive dream by establishing Faraday Future. The first model, FF 91, was unveiled at CES in 2017. However, it wasn’t until mid-April of this year that FF completed the production and assembly of its first mass-produced vehicle, the FF 91 Futurist.

Although FF commenced delivery operations afterward, progress has been slow. As of now, Faraday Future has delivered a total of 10 units of the FF 91 2.0, including notable figures in society and, notably, Jia Yueting himself. The recipients also include several employees of FF.

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