Windows 11 24H2 RTM Blocks Third-Party UI Modification Tools

April 08, 2024 – Users of third-party software that modifies the system UI and functionality are advised against upgrading to the Windows 11 24H2 RTM official version, as such software has reportedly been blocked.

According to feedback from multiple users, tools like StartAllBack and ExplorerPatcher, which allow modifications to the system start menu, taskbar, and file explorer, are no longer functioning properly under the Windows 11 24H2 RTM version. Attempting to run these programs results in a prompt indicating security or performance risks.

Some users have discovered a workaround for this issue: uninstall the software, upgrade the system to the latest version, re-download the software, and rename the exe file, avoiding the use of “StartAllBack” or “ExplorerPatcher” in the file name. This appears to allow the software to be successfully installed and used.

The developer of StartAllBack has acknowledged the issue and is working on a more permanent solution. It seems evident that Microsoft has blacklisted these software, currently relying on filename recognition for the blocking mechanism, although more advanced blocking methods may be implemented in the future.

Critics have pointed out that Microsoft’s approach seems rather authoritarian, especially considering the company’s alleged inability to fully meet user customization needs on its own.

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