Google Introduces Multi-Account Support for iOS Chrome Browser

May 10, 2024 – According to a recent report by tech media outlet MacObserver, Google is planning to introduce a multi-account system for its iOS version of the Chrome browser. This new feature, tentatively called “Switch Profile,” will allow users to easily switch between work and personal accounts, facilitating a seamless transition between different aspects of their online lives.

The proposed implementation, as evidenced by the attached proposal code, will enable users to separate bookmarks, browser settings, and other personalizations for each account. This means that individuals can have distinct profiles for their work and personal browsing, ensuring privacy and convenience.

Interestingly, the code suggests that Google is currently testing this feature exclusively on iOS devices. Android users may feel left out as the functionality has not yet been extended to the Android version of Chrome. Additionally, it appears that the “Switch Profile” feature is still experimental, and its final name or title remains undecided.

This development could significantly enhance the user experience for those who frequently use Chrome on their iOS devices, particularly those who need to juggle multiple accounts for work and personal use.

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