Microsoft Introduces Streamlined Web Installer for Windows App Store

April 22, 2024 – Microsoft has been continuously updating its Windows 10 and 11 app stores, introducing performance upgrades and optimizing algorithms. Recently, the tech giant announced a significant update for the web version of the Microsoft Store, allowing users to directly download app installers through a new “Web Installer” feature on the website.

This new Web Installer is designed to streamline the app download process, reducing the number of steps required from users. Previously, installing an app from the web-based store involved a cumbersome three-click process: first clicking on the website, then on a deep link dialog box, and finally on a mini store window.

While this complex procedure was implemented as a security measure to prevent malicious scripts, it came at the cost of user experience. The new “Standalone Store” addresses this issue by offering a smaller, independent installer that mirrors the logic of the Microsoft Store app. This downloadable installer manages prerequisites, permissions, downloads, and installations.

The revamped method simplifies the download process to just two steps: clicking to download the installer and then running it. The lightweight installer operates faster than the Microsoft Store app and remains up to date, even on systems with outdated or non-existent store apps. Additionally, users can now download multiple apps at once using the new Web Installer.

According to a post by Rudy Huyn, Microsoft’s Chief Architect, early feedback from consumers and developer testers has been positive. The results clearly indicate that this new installation method for store apps has increased the number of installations by an average of 12% and boosted the number of launched apps after installation by 54%.

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