Microsoft Enhances Edge Browser with Advanced Text Editing Features

April 24, 2024 – Microsoft recently announced the expansion of several text editing features for its Edge browser, with a notable addition being the Compose functionality. This new feature utilizes Copilot to rewrite user-selected text content, providing a unique and innovative way to revise and enhance written material.

According to Microsoft’s official description, users can select a text passage on any web page, click the Copilot button, and choose to rewrite the current segment. This allows for a wide range of rewrites, varying in tone, format, and length, providing users with more flexibility and creativity in their writing.

Another exciting enhancement introduced in the Edge browser is the improved handwriting experience with Windows Ink. Users can now enjoy digital writing directly in the browser’s address bar, text areas, input fields, and even on elements with the “contenteditable” attribute. This update significantly enriches the user experience, making it more interactive and intuitive.

In addition, Microsoft highlighted several other improvements in text editing for the Edge browser. One such feature is the EditContext API, which enables users to create their own text editors within supported browsers. This provides users with more control and customization options, allowing them to tailor their writing experience to their specific needs.

Overall, these updates demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the functionality and usability of its Edge browser, particularly in the area of text editing. With these new features, users can look forward to a more seamless and versatile writing experience within their browser.

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