Google Set to Boost Video Stability in Android 15 for Enhanced Social Media Experience

May 09, 2024 – According to recent reports, Google is planning to bolster the Android 15 system, focusing on enhancing video stability in social media and other applications to match the level of the native camera app.

Starting from Android 14, the system’s built-in Camera2 Extensions API has supported five extensions, briefly described below:

Auto: Adjusts the extension mode based on the current scene background.

Bokeh: Sharpens the foreground subject and blurs the background.

Face Retouch: Modifies skin texture, eye tone, etc.

HDR: Expands the exposure range to produce more vivid photos.

Night: Brightens photos in low-light conditions.

However, the deployment of these extensions in mobile phones is entirely dependent on the manufacturers, resulting in varying availability across different devices. Additionally, these extensions primarily focus on static images and do not affect video processing.

Now, Google intends to introduce a sixth extension for the Camera2 Extensions API in Android 15, dubbed “Eyes Free Videography.” The official explanation describes it as “locking and stabilizing a specified area or user-interested object,” implying that third-party applications like Snapchat can leverage the Camera2 API to enhance video stability within the app. This innovation promises to significantly improve the user experience when capturing videos within social media and other similar applications, bringing them on par with the performance of the native camera app.

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