Apple Unveils iPad Pro with Groundbreaking M4 Chip: Benchmark Scores Impress

May 09, 2024 – Apple has recently unveiled its latest iPad Pro, which debuts the powerful M4 chip globally. This new device has already made its appearance on the Geekbench database, showcasing impressive benchmark scores.

According to Geekbench listings, the iPad Pro with the M4 chip achieved a single-core score of 3767 and a multi-core score of 14677. In comparison, the previous generation iPad Pro equipped with the M2 chip had a single-core score of around 2500 and a multi-core score of approximately 10,000.

Remarkably, the M4 chip outperforms the M2 by roughly 1.5 times in both single and multi-core tests, indicating a significant performance boost.

The new Apple M4 chip is crafted using the second-generation 3nm process technology, packing an astonishing 28 billion transistors. It features a brand-new SoC architecture that further enhances energy efficiency.

The M4 boasts a 10-core CPU, with the top configuration including four performance cores and six efficiency cores. Notably, the high-performance cores utilize a decoding and execution engine with higher bandwidth, while the efficiency cores employ a deeper execution engine.

In terms of graphics processing, the M4 integrates a 10-core GPU that builds upon the new-generation graphics processor architecture introduced in the M3 series. This marks the first time an iPad has featured technologies such as dynamic caching, hardware-accelerated grid shading, and ray tracing capabilities. Additionally, it incorporates Apple’s fastest neural engine yet, capable of performing up to 38 trillion operations per second.

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