Google Replaces Google Fit API with Android Health Platform

May 06, 2024 – Google has recently announced, via an official press release, its plans to replace the Google Fit exercise tracking API with the Android Health platform in June of next year. The tech giant urges developers to initiate migration plans as soon as possible.

Since 2022, Google has been steadily increasing its investment in the Android Health platform. This move is part of a broader effort to reduce platform fragmentation and streamline the development process. According to the press release, Google is integrating Fit development services into the Android Health platform, aiming to create a “seamless cross-platform environment” for both developers and users.

The Android Health API boasts several advantages over the Fit API. Notably, it can record user metrics such as steps, distance, and calories burned without requiring Google account verification. Additionally, the new API is more power-efficient compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, developers can access user data for the past 10 days and easily integrate their apps with various third-party Android ecosystem apps.

Google has stated that the Google Fit API, including the REST API, will be discontinued on June 30, 2025. This provides developers with ample time to shift their development efforts to the Android Health platform. Effective immediately, the Google Fit API will no longer accept new user registrations.

Emphasizing that the Android Health API represents the company’s “future direction,” Google highlights that several manufacturers, including Withings, Peloton, and Lifesum, are currently developing products compatible with Android Health. This integration extends beyond Google’s own smartwatch and Fitbit products.

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