Breaking News: Apple’s iPhone 15 Series Introduces Qi2 Wireless Charging, Eliminating MFi Limitations and Offering up to 15W

May 23, 2023 – In a recent report by Charging Headlines, it has been revealed that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 series, set to be released this autumn, will introduce a breakthrough in wireless charging with the inclusion of 15W fast charging capability. Today, ChargerInsight, a sibling website, has shared further details shedding light on this exciting development.

Apple’s wireless charging power has traditionally been limited to 7.5W and now, with the integration of the official MagSafe module, the iPhone 15 series will offer a remarkable 15W wireless charging option. To ensure compatibility, Apple has introduced the new “MFM” accessory certification system, which imposes stringent restrictions on MagSafe accessories.

Notably, the iPhone 15 series will support both the Qi2 and MagSafe wireless charging protocols, with Qi2 being recommended as the wireless charging technology of choice for iPhone compatibility.

According to insider sources from the supply chain, the wholesale price of the MagSafe module is estimated to be around $16 USD (approximately ¥113 CNY at the current exchange rate). Consequently, this has led to an increase in the cost and retail price of MagSafe accessories.

The pricing for the new Qi2 wireless charging module is less than a third of the MagSafe module’s cost, and manufacturers are not required to join the MFi (Made for iPhone) program. This implies that there will be a greater variety of manufacturers offering more affordable and faster wireless charging accessories for iPhones.

All iPhones with wireless charging capabilities will be compatible with the Qi2 standard, although Apple has yet to disclose the exact charging speeds. However, it is certain that they will be faster than the current 7.5W limit.

Furthermore, this technological advancement is not limited to Apple devices alone. Android smartphones can also leverage this breakthrough, further accelerating the adoption of wireless charging across the industry.

ChargerInsight also highlights some key features of the Qi2 standard:

1. The introduction of on-chip authentication, where the transmitter (TX) needs to be equipped with a dedicated authentication chip alongside the main controller.

2. The implementation of 15W fast charging requires Qi2 MPP testing.

3. Qi2 compliance testing necessitates the acquisition of new testing equipment.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Apple’s inclusion in the newly announced WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) steering committee underscores the company’s commitment to promoting the Qi2 standard.

This also signifies a potentially more open ecosystem for Apple’s accessories in the future. ChargerInsight suggests that Apple’s strong push for Qi2 is due to the fact that, unlike the MFi standard, both Qi2 and PD (Power Delivery) are industry alliances initiated by Apple, widely adopted by the company, and gradually becoming industry standards.

The entire wireless charging industry, including key players such as main control chip manufacturers, MOSFET suppliers, MLCC providers, charging coil manufacturers, magnet producers, ferrite sheet manufacturers, laboratories, factories, brand owners, and distributors, will benefit greatly from this significant advancement in wireless charging technology.

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