OpenAI’s Sora to Revolutionize Video Production with Public Launch Later This Year

March 14, 2024 – In a recent interview, Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, announced that Sora, a highly anticipated product, is set to be officially unveiled to the public later this year, “possibly within a few months.”

According to Murati, Sora will feature sound effects and allow users to edit the video content generated by the platform. Previously, access to Sora’s beta testing had been exclusively granted to visual artists, designers, and filmmakers.

The reveal of Sora is expected to make a significant impact on traditional industries, particularly the long-standing American film industry, Hollywood. Its innovative capabilities are likely to disrupt existing workflows and potentially revolutionize video production.

However, Murati acknowledged that the current cost of producing video segments with Sora is significantly higher compared to generating images using the company’s image generator, Dall-E. She assured that once Sora is released to the public, it will undergo optimization to reduce its computational requirements and make it more accessible to everyone.

Additionally, Murati mentioned that Sora-generated video segments will include watermarks at the bottom. She emphasized that OpenAI is currently ramping up its testing efforts for Sora, with safety testers actively seeking to uncover any vulnerabilities, biases, or other harmful outcomes. This rigorous testing process aims to ensure that Sora is both powerful and safe for public use.

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