OpenAI Gears Up to Challenge Google with New Search Engine Based on ChatGPT

May 06, 2024 – Recent reports from multiple media outlets indicate that OpenAI is planning a major product launch based on its popular ChatGPT chatbot – a brand-new search engine. This development is seen as a potential game-changer in the search engine market, currently dominated by Google.

According to Lior S, a former Mila researcher and MIT lecturer, “OpenAI is poised to challenge Google Search, posing the most significant threat the tech giant has faced to date.” This statement suggests that the upcoming OpenAI search engine could shake up the current market leader’s position.

Adding credence to this rumor, Lior S pointed out that OpenAI has already established the subdomain, hinting at the imminent launch of their own search engine.

Another source, Jimmy Apples, speculated that OpenAI might announce the new search engine very soon. “The OpenAI event scheduled for May 9th at 10 am is clearly not for a model release, but rather for the unveiling of their search engine,” Apples stated.

The timing of this announcement, just ahead of Google’s I/O developer conference, suggests a strategic move by OpenAI to preemptively strike at the search engine giant. This aligns with previous comments made by OpenAI’s CEO, who expressed his dissatisfaction with Google Search and hinted at the possibility of creating a superior alternative.

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