Netflix and Apple Lead in Revenue Per Employee Among Global Tech Giants, According to Ondeck Report

January 25, 2024 – A recent report released by market research firm Ondeck reveals that Netflix tops the list of global technology companies with the highest revenue per employee, generating 2.49million(currentlyequivalenttoapproximatelyRMB17.853million).Applefollowscloselybehindinsecondplacewith2.348 million (currently equivalent to approximately RMB 16.835 million) per employee.

Based on the Forbes Global 2000 list, Ondeck’s data analysts examined the employee count and annual revenue of the world’s largest technology firms, ranking them by revenue per employee.

Interestingly, Apple’s workforce is more than twice the size of Meta’s, yet its revenue is three times that of Meta. Amidst the wave of layoffs in the technology sector in 2023, Apple has managed to avoid large-scale job cuts thanks to its cautious expansion strategy in the early stages.

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