March 2024 Expected Launch Date for Apple’s Latest iPad Offerings

October 23, 2023 – In the latest edition of “Power On,” as reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is set to unveil a fresh lineup of iPads around March 2024. Gurman’s insights reveal that the forthcoming Apple Pencil will feature a USB-C interface, aligning with the upcoming spring update of the iPad. Additionally, Apple has been diligently working on the 11th-generation iPad, the seventh-generation iPad Mini, and the sixth-generation iPad Air for some time now.

It is highly likely that Apple will debut these three new iPads in March, and while the next-generation iPad Pro is a possibility, it seems that only a few “minor” updates for the iPad are confirmed for the spring release next year.

Notably, Gurman also anticipates that the original Apple Pencil will be discontinued in conjunction with the ninth-generation iPad, as Apple plans to cease selling any new iPad models with Lightning interfaces. However, this transition is not expected to happen “immediately.”

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