Jim Rowan: Volvo Stands Firm on User Freedom Amid CarPlay Shift

November 15, 2023 – Volvo’s CEO, Jim Rowan, recently discussed General Motors’ decision to abandon CarPlay in an interview with The Verge.

Rowan emphasized Volvo’s commitment to not restrict consumers, providing them the freedom to choose their in-car entertainment system. Customers can opt for Volvo’s in-house system, Apple CarPlay, or Google’s Android Auto based on their preferences.

In the interview, Rowan shared his thoughts on the future of CarPlay:

“The experience with Android Auto is excellent and has gained recognition from a majority of car owners. However, we offer choices between Volvo’s native OS, Android Auto, and CarPlay.”

Regarding General Motors’ decision, Rowan expressed disagreement:

“I don’t believe it’s the right decision, and we certainly won’t follow suit. I don’t think General Motors has 3.5 billion users using a product every day, not to mention using it 200-300 times a day. Car owners seek a simple, seamless connectivity experience, and this vision holds true whether it’s Android or iOS.”

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