Breakthrough in Plastic Prism Technology Revealed by Largan Precision Chairman

April 15, 2024 – Significant Developments Unveiled in Plastic Prism Technology

Recent reports have shed light on significant advancements in plastic prism technology, as disclosed by Lin En-ping, the chairman of Largan Precision. It has been revealed that the prism has successfully passed the testing phase of a prominent client, although uncertainty remains regarding its final application in products.

Industry experts speculate that the client mentioned by Lin En-ping is highly likely to be the tech giant Apple. Reflecting on the highlights of the iPhone 15 series released last year, the most notable feature was undoubtedly the inclusion of periscope lenses in the Pro flagship models, with Largan Precision being the exclusive supplier of this innovative technology.

It is worth mentioning that prisms, as crucial components of periscope lenses, each contain two precise glass prisms, with their supply managed by Crystal Optoelectronics. The successful testing of plastic prism technology undoubtedly opens up more possibilities for the upgrade of Apple’s next-generation iPhone imaging systems.

Furthermore, recent high-definition renders of the iPhone 16 have sparked widespread consumer discussions. From the renders, it can be observed that the new iPhone has undergone slight adjustments in its exterior design. While still adopting a dual-camera setup, the arrangement of the cameras has been changed to a vertical alignment, reminiscent of the classic era of the iPhone X.

What’s even more anticipated is the integration of the Action button across the entire iPhone 16 series. This innovative design allows users to customize up to nine different functions. Originally positioned for the exclusive mmWave 5G antenna in the United States, this button has been ingeniously redesigned to not only retain its original functionality but also enhance the interactive experience. Featuring a mechanical design with a capacitive surface, it supports zoom gestures, providing users with a more convenient and personalized mode of operation.

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