Google Expands Trusted Tester Program for AI-Generated Content

May 5, 2023 – Google is expanding its Trusted Tester program to invite more users in the US to test AI-generated content in Gmail and Docs. The company introduced a floating action button (FAB) on mobile and a “Help me write” button on the web to generate content. Users will receive a prompt to provide at least six words, including the recipient, subject, and desired tone, to improve results.

The AI technology allows users to recreate or refine their draft and choose from four options: formalize, elaborate, shorten, and I’m feeling lucky. The formalize option will make the draft more formal, while the elaborate option allows users to add more details to the text. The shorten option makes the content shorter, and the “I’m feeling lucky” option provides creative details to update the draft.

Google’s Trusted Tester program aims to help users save time and effort in crafting content, with the AI technology assisting in generating high-quality text with accuracy and efficiency. While currently limited to users in the US, Google’s expansion of the program signals a growing interest in the use of AI-generated content in various applications. With this innovative technology, the possibilities for generating high-quality content are endless, providing a convenient and efficient solution for content creators across different fields.

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