Tesla’s Model 2: Affordable, Practical, and Coming in 2025

October 20, 2023 – Elon Musk announced during a recent earnings call that deliveries of the Cybertruck electric pickup will commence on November 30th. Furthermore, the forthcoming Model 2 is set to emphasize “practicality” and will boast a production speed far exceeding that of the Cybertruck.

During the call, Musk revealed that Tesla’s soon-to-be-released, budget-friendly vehicle, provisionally named the Model 2, will feature a next-generation platform and a production speed that will surpass industry expectations.

Musk explained that the Cybertruck’s complex features, such as its 14-inch suspension, have caused substantial delays in achieving meaningful production capacity improvements. It’s anticipated that large-scale production of the Cybertruck won’t occur until 2025.

Musk described the Model 2 as an attractive vehicle, though it won’t be as alluring as the Cybertruck with its advanced features, including the 14-inch suspension.

Tesla plans to introduce the Model 2 in 2025, with an estimated price tag below $25,000 USD (approximately 18,300 Chinese Yuan).

Musk stressed, “Let’s be clear, it will be cool but practical. The Model 2 is your everyday ride, designed to get you to your destination quickly, but it won’t deliver the same level of excitement as the Cybertruck.”

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