Steve Jobs’ Iconic 1984 Macintosh Ad Suit Hits the Auction Block, Expected to Fetch Up to $30,000

June 26, 2024 – In 1984, Apple Inc. introduced the revolutionary Macintosh computer, marking a significant milestone in the history of personal computing. Now, a piece of that history is on the auction block, as the navy blue suit worn by Steve Jobs during the promotion of the Macintosh is being offered for sale.

Currently listed on Julien’s Auctions, the iconic suit has already garnered a bid of 10,000,withestimatessuggestingafinalsalepricebetween20,000 and $30,000. This Brioni for Wilkes Bashford suit, donned by Jobs for the Macintosh launch, is a deep navy blue with thin stripes, made from 100% cupro fabric, and features meticulous vertical striping, numerous pockets, and a sleek design.

The auction listing details the suit’s historical significance, noting its appearance in the famous Macintosh advertisement directed by Ridley Scott and photographed by Bernard Gotfryd. The ad, which aired during the 1984 Super Bowl, portrayed a dystopian world disrupted by a female athlete throwing a hammer at a large screen, symbolizing the breaking of conformity and embracing individualism. The tagline, referencing George Orwell’s novel “1984,” promised a new era with the release of the Macintosh.

While the suit appears to be well-preserved with intact stitching, it is likely that potential buyers are more interested in its historical value rather than its wearability. As a collector’s item, this suit offers a unique glimpse into the early days of Apple and the personal computer revolution. With a starting bid of $5,000, it remains to be seen how high the final auction price will climb, but one thing is certain: this piece of technology history is not going to come cheap.

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