South Korea’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Exceed 240,000 Mark

June 19, 2023 – As the demand for electric vehicles continues to soar, the need for charging infrastructure has also seen a substantial increase. Automobile manufacturers and charging service providers are tirelessly constructing charging stations and deploying more charging points. In countries that are strongly promoting electric vehicle adoption, the number of charging stations is constantly on the rise.

According to recent data from the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as well as the Ministry of Environment, the number of electric vehicle charging stations in South Korea has exceeded an impressive 240,000. This represents a significant surge in the past few years.

However, it’s worth noting that the reported figure of 240,000 charging stations only includes those officially registered with relevant agencies. Considering the unregistered installations, the actual number of charging stations in South Korea could be even higher.

Analyzing the disclosed data, it becomes evident that South Korea has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of electric vehicle charging stations over the past two years. In 2015, there were merely 330 charging stations, a figure that skyrocketed to over 100,000 by 2021.

The data from South Korea reveals that out of the installed 240,695 electric vehicle charging stations, 10.6% of them are fast-charging stations, offering quicker charging times.

In terms of geographical distribution, the majority of the 240,000+ charging stations are concentrated in Gyeonggi Province, surrounding the capital city of Seoul, accounting for over a quarter of the total with 60,873 stations. Seoul itself boasts 42,619 charging stations, while the southeastern port city of Busan has 13,370 stations.

When considering the ratio of charging stations to electric vehicles, on average, Seoul and Gyeonggi Province have approximately 0.66 and 0.67 charging stations per electric vehicle, respectively. Sejong City stands out with the highest ratio at 0.85 charging stations per electric vehicle, showcasing their commitment to supporting the growth of electric mobility.

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