Sega Progresses Steadily with Development of First “Super Game,” Promising to Redefine Gaming Traditions

November 02, 2023 – Sega’s Chief Operating Officer, Shuji Utsumi, has revealed that the company’s “Super Games” project, announced in May 2021, will encompass a range of “3A games spanning Sega’s entire technology spectrum” and aims to “break free from traditional gaming frameworks.” The development of these games is steadily progressing.

Sega’s annual comprehensive report, released on Wednesday, has outlined an increased focus on the first game within this project, with plans to release it in the coming years.

Sega’s President, Yukio Sagino, commented, “Our long-term goal for the Entertainment Content business is to become a leading global content provider. To achieve this and elevate our business to a new level, we are engaged in research and development activities, with the aim of launching a ‘Super Game’ by the end of the fiscal year ending in March 2026, a game that will expand globally.”

Shuji Utsumi added, “We have been steadily making progress in the development of the ‘Super Game’ we aspire to create in the medium to long term. As the name suggests, the concept of a ‘Super Game’ is one that goes far beyond ordinary games. This involves developing a game that builds an overarching worldview encompassing the entire gaming ecosystem, including not only players but also game streamers and their audiences.”

In November 2021, Sega announced its ambitious plan to invest up to 100 billion Japanese Yen (approximately 4.85 billion Chinese Yuan) over the next five years to realize its vision for the “Super Games.”

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