Samsung’s Innovative Collaboration with Microsoft and OpenAI in AI Development

**September 12, 2023 -** In a recent development reported by the South Korean newspaper “Electronic Daily,” Samsung Electronics is embarking on an innovative venture in collaboration with Microsoft, utilizing Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI services to create an AI-powered chatbot tailored for internal use within the Samsung corporation.

Samsung is actively engaged in what they term an “Internal Generative AI Development” project, wherein the AI in question is designed to handle tasks such as translation and document summarization. This ambitious endeavor will leverage the capabilities of “GPT-4” and “GPT-3.5” LLM (Large Language Models) developed by OpenAI. Currently, the project is in its conceptual verification (PoC) phase.

It is worth noting that Microsoft and OpenAI entered into an exclusive licensing agreement earlier. This agreement stipulates that OpenAI must operate on the Azure cloud platform and only offer its services on Azure when serving enterprises. Consequently, Samsung’s pursuit of harnessing OpenAI’s LLM for their generative AI necessitates a partnership with Microsoft and the utilization of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services.

In a parallel move, Samsung recently submitted trademark applications for “Gauss” and “Gais” to the Korean Intellectual Property Office. In these trademark applications, Samsung categorizes these trademarks as goods for “computer software (SW) for machine learning-based language and speech processing” and “computer software (SW) for natural language processing/creation/understanding/analysis.” The intrigue lies in whether these trademarks will be associated with the generative AI service being developed in this collaboration.

This alliance between Samsung, Microsoft, and OpenAI highlights the dynamic landscape of AI development and collaboration among tech giants. Generative AI holds immense potential for enhancing work processes, automating tasks, and revolutionizing various industries. As the project progresses beyond the PoC stage, we can anticipate further insights into Samsung’s foray into generative AI and the transformative impact it may have within the corporation.

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