Samsung Unveils Gauss: A Game-Changer in AI at 2023 Forum

November 09, 2023 – Samsung Unveils Its Proprietary Generative AI Model, Gauss

At the Samsung Artificial Intelligence Forum 2023, Samsung made a significant announcement by introducing its in-house generative AI model named Gauss. The name Gauss is a tribute to the renowned German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who laid the foundation for the theory of normal distribution, a crucial pillar supporting the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

三星推出自研生成式AI模型“高斯”:Galaxy S24首发

The Samsung Gauss generative AI model is divided into three distinct components: Gauss Language Model, Gauss Code Model, and Gauss Image Model.

The Gauss Language Model and Gauss Image Model cater to language and image generation, respectively. These models have the potential to create various applications, including content creation, document summarization, language translation, as well as the generation and style modification of creative images. This innovative approach promises to enhance the way we interact with content and visuals.

The Gauss Code Model, on the other hand, is designed to assist developers in writing code more rapidly and intelligently. This breakthrough will likely streamline software development processes and revolutionize the way code is written, making it more efficient and effective.

Samsung also announced that Galaxy AI will be integrated into their upcoming flagship smartphones, particularly the Galaxy S24 series. This feature will not be exclusive to overseas versions; the domestic Galaxy S24 series will also support this groundbreaking AI technology. Samsung’s commitment to making AI accessible and beneficial to users around the world is evident in this announcement.

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