Record-Breaking Installation: Windows 10 in Just 104 Seconds!

February 19, 2024 – The typically lengthy installation process of Windows has always been a source of frustration for users. Installing Windows 10 on a standard modern PC, for instance, can often take anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes. However, could you imagine completing this process in just over 100 seconds?

That’s precisely what Windows developer NTDev has achieved through relentless dedication and meticulous research. In a stunning feat, NTDev has managed to install Windows 10 in a mere 104 seconds, shattering previous expectations.

As demonstrated in a video showcase, the developer completed the main processes of file copying, system installation, and feature setup in approximately 50 seconds. Following this, an additional 50 seconds were required for post-installation tasks, bringing the total time to an impressive 104 seconds.

This remarkable speed was achieved through a combination of high-performance hardware, including top-tier SSDs and RAM, and the use of a stripped-down installation program known as Tiny10. This lightweight version of Windows 10 eliminates numerous non-essential components and installation steps, streamlining the process significantly. Furthermore, the entire installation is fully automated, requiring no manual intervention.

With such a significant reduction in installation time, it’s exciting to speculate whether future advancements could potentially push the boundary even further, perhaps achieving installation times under 100 seconds.

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