Pioneering Progress: OpenAI Initiates ‘GPT-5’ Trademark Registration

**August 10, 2023 -** OpenAI Ventures into New Horizons with “GPT-5” Trademark Applications

In a recent move, OpenAI seems to be embarking on a new phase of technological evolution as evidenced by its trademark applications for “GPT-5,” according to information found on the official website of the Trademark Office of the National Intellectual Property Administration. The applications, filed last month, cover two distinct classes: Class 9, encompassing scientific instruments, and Class 42, involving design research. Both trademarks are currently listed as pending.

Earlier reports from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) indicated that OpenAI had initiated the process of trademark registration for “GPT-5” on the 18th of last month. The trademarks’ descriptions suggest that GPT-5 could potentially offer an array of capabilities, including text generation, natural language understanding, speech transcription, translation, and analysis.

Notably, in a conference hosted by the Economic Times of India in early June, OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, conveyed that the organization had not yet commenced training for the successor to GPT-4, which would be GPT-5. Altman elucidated that there was a considerable amount of groundwork to be done before the training of GPT-5 could even begin. He emphasized that OpenAI was diligently exploring novel ideas deemed necessary for the new iteration but underscored that they were far from ready to initiate the training process.

Furthermore, OpenAI’s reach appears to extend beyond GPT models, as their endeavors also encompass innovations like the “WHISPER” trademark. This trademark is linked to OpenAI’s neural network technology focused on English speech recognition, touted to be nearing human-level proficiency. These developments illustrate OpenAI’s commitment not only to text-based advancements but also to pushing the boundaries in the realm of auditory and language processing.

It’s essential to recognize that the information presented here is accurate as of September 2021. For the most recent updates and insights into OpenAI’s current undertakings in 2023, it’s advisable to refer to official announcements from OpenAI or trusted news sources.

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