Panasonic Addresses LUMIX S9 Promotional Scandal, Rectifies 77 Product Pages

July 01, 2024 – Panasonic’s LUMIX S9 camera was embroiled in a promotional scandal in May of this year, sparking outrage among netizens due to allegations of false advertising. The controversy escalated when images from competing brand Nikon were discovered on Panasonic’s official website. In a swift response, Panasonic acknowledged the mistake and promptly revised its official promotional pages.

A month later, on June 27th, Panasonic’s website issued another announcement, confirming the detailed information of all images on the LUMIX product website and removing those sourced from stock photography services. The update encompassed 77 camera and lens pages, specifically:

S-Series Product Website: 8 models

S-Series Lens Product Website: 17 models

G-Series Product Website: 6 models

G-Series Lens Product Website: 28 models

Discontinued Product Website: 18 models

According to the announcement, Panasonic has also pledged to further update its website this fall. This includes replacing images captured with other internal cameras with those taken specifically with the corresponding models. “We will take the feedback and suggestions received seriously, continuously improve, and strive to regain our customers’ trust as soon as possible,” the company stated.

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