Microsoft’s Win11 Outlook Update: Customized Attachment Saving Coming in January 2023

December 05, 2023 – Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming mid-January update to the Win11 version of its Outlook client are causing a buzz among enterprise users. The highlight of this update is the ability for users to customize the file-saving path when downloading email attachments.

In the current version of Win11’s Outlook, when users click the download attachment button, the file is automatically saved to a default folder. However, with the upcoming update, Outlook users will gain the seamless ability to access, browse, and save attachments directly to their preferred folders on their Windows PC.

Microsoft’s official update entry explains, “This feature is designed to streamline the process of saving attachments, reducing the number of steps and improving efficiency. It may seem like a small change, but we believe it will have a significant impact on your daily workflow.”

It’s worth noting that Microsoft had been testing the Win11 version of Outlook back in May 2022, and the addition of Copilot, which promises a richer AI experience for users, is on the horizon for the coming year. This update is poised to make Outlook even more user-friendly and efficient for enterprise users, simplifying their attachment-saving process and enhancing their overall productivity.

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