Managing Expectations: OpenAI’s Cautionary Note on AI Business Transformations

December 05, 2023 – OpenAI’s Cautionary Note on Rapid Business Transformation with AI

While OpenAI is actively working towards expanding its enterprise user base, some of the company’s top executives are cautioning against expecting rapid, transformative changes in their businesses through this technology.

In an interview with CNBC, OpenAI’s Chief Operating Officer, Brad Lightcap, emphasized one of the most overhyped aspects of artificial intelligence, which is the belief that it can bring about substantial business transformations overnight. Lightcap noted that many companies approach OpenAI with the expectation that generative AI can solve numerous problems, drastically cut costs, and spur growth when their businesses face challenges. He stated that despite the potential for further advancements in AI, “there will never be a single AI technology that can completely address these issues,” and that this technology is still in its infancy. He added that AI is still in the experimental phase and has not yet become an integral part of critical tools and applications.

OpenAI has previously launched the enterprise version of its popular ChatGPT, promising enhanced security measures for companies seeking to protect proprietary and sensitive data, along with more fine-tuning options for the models. Lightcap mentioned that the company is actively working on coordinating and deploying the ChatGPT Enterprise Edition for numerous businesses.

Both consumers and enterprises have recognized the potential of generative AI, but concerns about unexpected data breaches have prompted developers like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Amazon to introduce enterprise versions of generative AI models.

In some early adopter companies, employees have expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that AI has not significantly alleviated their workloads. A recent report by “The Information” highlighted complaints from employees within Morgan Stanley, indicating that the chatbots built in collaboration with OpenAI did not find the expected audience among their target wealth management clientele, as people preferred speaking to human advisors over AI for information.

In the news industry, publishers have also experimented with AI-generated news reports to produce more content with fewer resources. However, after encountering some insensitive, nonsensical, and inaccurate articles, some companies have slowed down their AI-driven content generation initiatives.

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