Microsoft’s Bing Chat Goes Cross-Browser: Now Available on Chrome and Safari!

July 25, 2023 – Microsoft’s latest artificial intelligence chatbot, Bing Chat, has taken a significant step forward by expanding its accessibility to Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. Users can now engage in conversations with the chatbot simply by visiting the website.

However, despite this expansion, there are some limitations when using Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari. Users are restricted to inputting a maximum of 2000 characters, half the limit offered by Microsoft’s native Edge browser, which allows up to 4000 characters. Additionally, the length of the conversation with the chatbot is capped at just five rounds, a considerable reduction compared to the 30-round dialogue available on Edge. Furthermore, some users may encounter pop-up messages encouraging them to download and use Edge for an enhanced experience.

To complement this cross-browser release, Microsoft has also introduced a dark mode option for Bing Chat. Although this feature is gradually rolling out, certain users can already access it by clicking on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of Bing Chat and selecting “Appearance” > “Dark” or “System Default” to switch to the dark mode. However, it appears that not all users have the privilege to access this feature at present.

It is worth noting that before this expansion, Bing Chat was exclusively available on the Edge browser, causing inconvenience for users who preferred to use other browsers. In contrast, Google’s Bard chatbot has been accessible on browsers other than Chrome.

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