Microsoft Appoints Pavan Davuluri as New Head of Combined Windows and Surface Team

March 26, 2024 – In a recent development, Microsoft has officially appointed Pavan Davuluri as the new head of its combined Windows and Surface team. This move comes after the departure of “Surface father” Panos Panay from the tech giant last year, which led to the temporary split of the Windows and Surface teams under two separate leaders.

Davuluri, who has been with Microsoft for over 23 years, previously took charge of Surface chips and devices, while Mikhail Parakhin focused on Windows and online experiences. However, with Parakhin’s recent decision to “explore new roles”, the responsibility of leading both teams now rests solely on Davuluri.

In an internal memo, Rajesh Jha, Microsoft’s head of experiences and devices, stated that this reorganization will enable the company to take a holistic approach to building chips, systems, experiences, and devices across Windows clients and the cloud, tailored for the AI era.

Davuluri’s appointment is seen as a strategic move by Microsoft, given his deep involvement in key collaborations with partners like Qualcomm and AMD. His work on projects such as customizing Surface processors demonstrates his expertise in bridging the gap between hardware and software, making him a suitable candidate to lead the combined Windows and Surface team.

Under Davuluri’s leadership, the team is expected to further integrate AI capabilities into its products and services, enhancing the overall user experience. His appointment also signals Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and adapting to the changing landscape of technology, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence.

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