Mercedes-Benz Introduces ChatGPT Integration Test for Luxury Car Owners in the US

June 16, 2023 – Mercedes-Benz Embarks on ChatGPT Integration Test for Select Luxury Models Mercedes-Benz announced today its plans to commence a pilot program, starting on June 16, that will allow American drivers to utilize the ChatGPT conversational AI in a range of their luxury vehicle models.

With compatibility across approximately 900,000 vehicles equipped with the MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system, Mercedes-Benz owners can opt to participate in this testing program through the Mercedes app or voice commands, seamlessly downloading the ChatGPT functionality wirelessly. This three-month-long trial period aims to provide Mercedes-Benz with insights into how owners engage with this technology.

According to the company, ChatGPT will enhance the naturalness of their vehicle system’s responses, enabling drivers to inquire about destination information or seek assistance with various queries, such as recommendations for dinner choices.

In addition to the familiar “Hey Mercedes” phrase to initiate commands, drivers will also be able to engage in conversational interactions with their cars, as highlighted in the Mercedes-Benz press release.

The outcomes of this test program will serve as valuable reference data for Mercedes-Benz as they consider incorporating ChatGPT into vehicles in other countries and languages. Pending a successful trial, this functionality holds the potential for expansion to more regions and a broader range of Mercedes-Benz models.

List of all MBUX-equipped vehicle models:

A 238, C 118, C 167, C 238, C 253, C 254, C 257, H 247, N 293, R 232, S 213, V 167, V 177, V 295, V 297, W 206, W 213, WV 223, X 167, X 243, X 247, X 253, X 254, X 294, X 296, Z 223, Z 296

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