Luxshare Precision Assembles Apple’s Priciest Headset Yet: The Vision Pro Set for February Launch

January 08, 2024 – In a recent development, industry insider Mark Gurman has revealed that Luxshare Precision is responsible for the assembly of Apple’s most expensive headset to date, the Vision Pro. Last month, Luxshare Precision held a delivery ceremony for the Vision Pro, marking the official start of its mass production and shipment.

Currently, Apple is transporting the Vision Pro to warehouses across the United States, from where it will be directly distributed to retail stores nationwide. The headset is expected to go on sale in February, with a price tag of $3,499, equivalent to approximately RMB 25,000.

In preparation for the launch, Apple has provided specialized training to all its retail store employees. Additionally, Apple retail stores will set up dedicated Vision Pro experience zones for customers to try out the new device.

The Vision Pro is a hybrid reality device that combines AR and VR technologies, which Apple refers to as a “spatial computing device.” Users can immerse themselves in games, movies, and work environments, experiencing the full range of VR capabilities. At the same time, they can utilize sensors on the surface of the headset to project people and objects from the external world into the virtual world, enabling AR functionality.

This device boasts a display module with over 4K resolution per eye, complemented by a three-piece Pancake lens solution. The entire display system packs a whopping 23 million total pixels.

In terms of interaction, users only need to coordinate their eyes and hands. By moving their eyes, they can select the modules they want to interact with. For instance, to open an app, they can simply make a slight hand gesture. Additionally, users can call upon Siri via voice commands to open and close apps.

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