GPD’s Win Max 2 Faces Shipping Delays Due to Ryzen 7000 Processor Supply Issues

October 17, 2023 – GPD, the gaming handheld console company, recently updated its product page for the Win Max 2 on the Indiegogo platform, citing delays in shipping due to supply issues with the Ryzen 7000 mobile processor.

GPD revealed that AMD had postponed the delivery of processors required for the Win Max 2, with a particular shortage of the eight-core Ryzen 7 7840U chip.

In their announcement, GPD stated that AMD had violated contract terms by failing to deliver the second batch of processors on time, an uncommon move to publicly expose the conflict between the supplier and the OEM manufacturer. An image of the announcement is provided below:

VideoCardz suggests that GPD’s decision to disclose these issues highlights the significant reliance of their products on AMD processors. Besides the Win Max 2, the company has also introduced models such as the Win Mini and Win 4, which are equipped with Ryzen 7840U and Ryzen 5 7640U processors. GPD is left with no option but to wait for AMD to fulfill their supply obligations.

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